Friday, 17 February 2012

Afternoon tea 2. How much?

afternoon tea

Afternoon tea used to be a British tradition. 'High tea' with sandwiches and cake and maybe a selection of savouries, kept you going in the long afternoon hours between luncheon and dinner. It was eaten at home, of course, by the nobs in posh houses. Your average Bert was lucky if he had a slice of bread and dripping.

However, afternoon tea seems to be enjoying a bt of a revival. It has been available in the up-market hotels in London for quite a while, of course, but now it seems to be taking off in other places too. But the treat comes at a price.

Afternoon tea at the Ritz, for example will cost you a cool £42 a head which is a bit steep, even if they do throw in a glass of champers. (Not literally, one would hope!)

But even at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe, a newly-refurbished art deco gem on the West coast, it would set you back £15.50.

So why not do it yourself? The secret is to make it feel posh so it seems like just as much of a treat as it would have been if you'd shelled out thirty quid.

So what would you want?
Buy some nice bread to start with. Maybe a selection of small, sliced  loaves of various kinds such as white, wholemeal, granary, ciabatta. Whatever you like. My bread always comes out a bit chunky for 'polite' sandwiches so I wouldn't bother making my own.

Think exciting fillings. Not just plain old ham and cheese. Coronation chicken is a good one. That's enjoying a bit of a renaissance too and it's dead easy to make.  Egg mayonnaise? Prawn cocktail? Beef and mustard?  You HAVE to have cucumber. Smoked salmon with lemon or with cream cheese? The world's your oyster.  Thinly-sliced bread but lots of filling.

Then what?  Well, it's cake time. A pack of yummy biscuits or cookies would be good. Some fruit loaf with butter. Maybe toasted crumpets. Scones, of course. And a couple of cream cakes - bought ones, don't try making your own, it really isn't worth it. Perhaps a fruit tart. Chocolate eclair. Whatever you fancy.

And you need a good quality, special tea. Something like an Earl Grey or even jasmine-scented. But make sure you use the teapot. This is not a time for a bag in a mug! And provide a jug of hot water to top it up with.

Above all, clear your table, put a cloth on it and set it properly with your best crocks and cutlery. You wouldn't expect mugs and non-matching plates in a tearoom would you?  If you've got doilies, use them. Anything you can think of to make it a special occasion. Put a small vase of flowers on the table. Switch off the TV, sit up at the table and talk to each other.

And feel smug about the fact that you've probably done it for around a fiver a head, rather than forty.


  1. I must admit that it's the fact that I HAVEN'T had to make it myself that attracts me to afternoon tea:) I've had afternoon tea at Fortnum & Masons a couple of time and definitely fancy it in Art Deco surroundings - next time we are around the Morecambe area I shall drag DH into the Midland Hotel!

  2. Your tea does look tempting.I must admit I do enjoy going out for tea but it's nice occasionally to invite people round and do it myself.

  3. Lovely to see your Thistleware! At one time our family had a full service of Thistleware but as the years went by we lost one piece and then another. The few pieces that remained went off with our children when they set up households.

    Mundi in Vermont

  4. Hi Mundi - We use the thistleware every day. I admit - a lot of it has been broken over the years though. I used to have eight full place settings. (not to mention veg dishes, casserole dish, mugs, etc)

  5. Thank you for your visit on my blog (Pebble finished) -and I was enjoying to read your post about afternoon tea

  6. Anne, I'm not sure whether the comment I just posted has gone but I have awarded you the Liebster Award. You can read all about it over on my blog.

  7. growing up in Lancashire, tea was a meal around five pm, dinner was midday and supper, usually crackers and cheese was something to eat before bedtime. It would be fun to experience a very posh tea at the Ritz.